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Fr. Ponte del Molino, 5
15054 Fabbrica Curone (AL)
Piemonte - ITALIA

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Il Formaggio Montébore è

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Credits: Andrea Siciliano

Our dairy


is locatedin Curone Valley, at the foot of Giarolo Mount, in the Colli Tortonesi district in the Province of Alessandria


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A beautiful place where the animals still graze free and where the milk is rich in aromas and flavors that change as the seasons change and recall those of the past.

In 2020, “ on paper ” we are young, but in reality our soul has a historical root known throughout the quality dairy sector: Vallenostra and its work of recovering Montébore cheese.

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Our story comes

from afar

Ours is not simply the story of a dairy, ours is the story of a family that in a moment of difficulty found itself and decided to join forces to carry on the production of a rare and very ancient cheese that has risked extinction several times: the Montébore.


Montébore, a story that spans the centuries

The Montébore is one of the rarest cheeses in the world, whose origins are lost over time, is produced with 70% cow's milk and 30% sheep's milk (sometimes 5% goat's milk is allowed) Saved from extinction at
the end of the nineties, Mont ébore è a survivor, speaks of the past, has fought not to know oblivion, not to disappear from the world of taste and
quality. awareness.


Not only Montébore

The Montébore Slow Food Presidium is undoubtedly the form best known

and sought-after day, but it is only one

of the products of the dairy.

We also produce other cheeses

using mainly raw sheep, cow and goat milk

from the pastures of the Territory.Quality raw material, recovery of lost values, respect

and safeguarding the animals of the territory, these are the main  ingredients of our cheeses.


Adopt a sheep from Montébore

For you, for your family, for a special gift to taste.

By adopting a sheep you will receive the SHEEP PACK full of cheeses and our other products directly  at your home.

For an anniversary or to make
a unique gift, ADOPT YOU!


Next events

List of events at which we will be present with our products and our territory

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